The Time We Have

At age thirteen Caitlin Dolaghan was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, and for the next seven years she underwent radiation and chemotherapy to control the disease. Yet the cancer spread to her lungs, where continued treatment proved ineffective. Finally, Caitlin decided to put a stop to medical efforts to combat her disease and to focus on living the remainder of her life as fully as possible.

In 2005 we were invited by Caitlin’s family to film what we thought would be her last month. Caitlin set goals for herself: to attend her high school prom, to graduate, to volunteer at the George Mark House, and to continue writing poetry. Not only did Caitlin accomplish her goals, she lived for another full year. During this time we were privileged to film Caitlin in her home, with her family, as they loved and supported each other, cherishing the gift of each day.

The Time We Have celebrates a year in the life of a nineteen-year-old woman facing her own mortality. A writer since childhood, Caitlin turns to her journals where she writes about her life with honesty, bewilderment, anger, courage, and humor.